Green Home Builder of the Year, 2019

JRA was awarded the Lowest Energy Performance Score for The Birdhouse by Earth Advantage, an organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of sustainable homes across the Northwest. An Earth Advantage certification means energy efficiency, sustainability, and quality. Earth Advantage’s certification system provides a pathway for single-family and multifamily builders to achieve well-above building code results. This means an Earth Advantage certified home not only uses less energy and is better for the environment, it is also healthier and more comfortable than a standard code-built home. Lowering energy use while providing a better home is a win/win.

FSC Leadership Award, 2018

Awarded by the Forest Stewardship Council, the world’s most trusted forest certification system, that recognizes enduring commitment to forest conservation. Their Awards highlight uncommon excellence that advances responsible forest management. FSC Leadership Awards celebrate forest owners, builders, architects, retailers, paper mills, manufacturers, environmental organizations and many others who contribute to the movement toward responsible sourcing and forest management. JRA Green Building was recognized for using FSC-Certified wood as a core offering in every home that JRA builds and for certifying an entirely new construction home as the first FSC mix labeled product home in North America and second in the world - The Birdhouse.

Gritty Pioneer Award, 2017

Awarded by Sustainable Northwest, a non-profit based in Portland, Oregon that works to forge solutions for people and natural systems. Sustainable Northwest places itself at the radical middle of community, economy, and ecology. This unique recognition was awarded to James Arnold for his extraordinary patience, grit, and commitment to sourcing sustainable forest products from our local and regional family forest owners. James continues to encourage other builders and designers to value and support sustainable, local wood. 

Excellence in Concrete, 2016

Awarded by the American Concrete Institute and the Oregon Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association for the Fairsing Tasting Room. This award provides a platform to recognize concrete projects at the forefront of innovation and technology and showcases these projects to inspire excellence in concrete design and construction around the world. JRA Green Building owes a special thank you to Darrell Arnold, who’s unparalleled experience and skill brought this project to fruition.