Fairsing Winery Tasting Room

Nathan Good Architects designed the Fairsing Winery Tasting Room to reflect the owner’s Irish heritage. Ancient stone dwellings inspired the concrete structure and sod roof. This design required curved board-formed walls and rounded beam ceiling, which is essentially a partial dome, putting our concrete and carpentry expertise to the test. Darrell Arnold (James’ dad) of JRA devised a unique system that allowed for a rustic rough-sawn finish imprinted in the concrete while embedding hardware that precisely connected it to the curved glu-lams above. Some of the wooden forms used to shape the concrete walls were then re-purposed for the interior cabinets, providing environmentally friendly reuse and cost savings. The result is a unique tasting room surrounded by beautiful views for the Willamette Valley wine lovers, and for our team, a much appreciated Excellence in Concrete Award.