Rontoms Patio

What’s so ingenious about Ronald Toms’s design is that the architecturally compelling angled awning makes this local institution’s outdoor space dynamic and usable year-round. This feature has done its civic duty providing shelter and inspiration for a full service bar, many rock bands, ping pong tables, and late night bumping and grinding since 2011. JRA Green Building constructed this challenging structure with finesse, pouring massive concrete columns and walls and setting huge, oversized beams at divergent angles in a small space. Precision in the execution was paramount, given that any mistake in the layout or material fabrication would have meant substantial money lost. With Ron Tom himself working as hard as the rest of the crew, this small project finished beautifully and had great meaning for the owner and the neighborhood. Put this drinking spot on your list, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Featured in Portland Monthly (August 2011), Willamette Week (May 2017)