Society Hotel

In 2014, the Society Hotel was revitalized to become the first boutique hotel of its kind in Old Town Chinatown, serving travelers with an affordable hotel experience that includes both private rooms and a shared hostel-style bunk room. When JRA entered the project, it was mission critical–the pressure was on as construction costs for the necessary seismic compliance of this historic 1881 unreinforced masonry building exceeded the budget. JRA’s solution was to brace the existing walls with single-sided board-formed concrete, which provided the necessary shoring for each floor and eliminated the need (and substantial cost) for a separate shoring system. JRA also poured a 4-story elevator shaft with concrete shear wall elements and two concrete moment frames over the front entrance of the building. JRA Green Building poured over one million pounds of new concrete foundation footings and walls to retrofit this project–a substantial achievement for our team.


LEED Silver

Restore Oregon ‘DeMuro Award’, 2016